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Michael is the first Democrat to run for the District 45 House seat since 2014, and he is facing the Republican incumbent.

  • Georgetown University, 
    Government & Economics

  • Leilehua High School

  • U.S. Senate

  • U.S. House of Representatives

  • Hawaii State Senate

  • State of Hawaii

  • National Low Income Housing Coalition

  • Bank of Hawaii

Our community deserves a voice in the government. We need accessible, responsive, and adaptable leaders who can deliver. My experience has shown me the importance of electing leaders who will stand up for working families.


"Michael Chapman, 24, the sole Democratic candidate for House District 45 that covers Mililani, a seat held by Republican Lauren Matsumoto since 2012, said in a recent HawaiiKidsCAN Action Fund survey, that several high school classmates found careers in culinary arts, carpentry, agriculture or auto shop because they received hands-on experience in high school.

The 2014 graduate of Leilehua High said Hawaii schools need to be more creative in the subjects they teach, emphasizing topics that will better prepare students for society, such as 'civics, financial literacy, public speaking, emotional intelligence and other areas that concern practical knowledge...One of my priorities has always been tying our education system to our economic planning,' he said."



I am proud to be endorsed by several prominent unions, organizations, and community leaders. I am an ally of our working families, the climate, and vulnerable populations. As State Representative, I will fight to strengthen the middle class and will stand with our working families through thick and thin. Our people deserve a voice and a leader who can bring people together toward a common vision.


Government Workers

Electrical Workers

Construction Workers



Film Workers


"UHPA endorses another newcomer to the legislative process, Michael Chapman, House District 45.  Michael has an extensive background in the legislative process. He began his political interest during his internship in Washington, DC and brought that knowledge home to work in the State Capitol with the Ways and Means Committee Chair. Michael received his degree from Georgetown after graduating from Leilehua High School. The [committee] was pleased with his understanding of our issues. We also felt that his background would serve him well in working with others in the legislature in advancing the work that needs to be accomplished."

"We proudly endorse Michael Chapman for State House District 45. Michael has fresh ideas and strong principles to bolster working families [...] We are sure Michael will help to enhance the lives of families living in Mililani, Waialua, Waipio Acres, and all of Hawaii."

"I know how important it is that our voices be heard by someone who works hard, listens, and understands the values and needs of our special place. I am truly proud to have represented you for ten years before! I strongly believe Michael Chapman will deliver for the people of District 45! Aloha ke Akua!"

"In these times, we need leaders who can build allies and do their jobs effectively. Michael will deliver results for our community and get the job done."

"Michael has a passion and a desire to serve our community. It is really important to see our young people getting involved to help set the path for the future."

My name is Michael Chapman. I am running to represent District 45 in the Hawaii State House of Representatives, which spans from Mililani Town to Waialua. A proud product of Hawaii's public school system, I understand our people's struggles and I am excited for the opportunity to represent the district that means so much to me, my wife, and my family. 


I will be a strong voice for our community. My extensive government experience has prepared me to effectively represent you. I have worked for Congress, the Hawaii Senate Ways & Means Committee, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, and the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission. I have participated in conversations on critical issues that affect our daily lives, from raising the minimum wage to funding our schools and solving our affordable housing crisis. I understand how decisions are made in our government, and I am prepared to collaborate with others to deliver results for our people. This is a very important time for Hawaii, and I want our community to have a prominent voice in the conversation to rebuild our state after the pandemic.

I believe that our government should be proactive, not reactive. I am willing to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table as your representative. The status quo is not enough; we need new perspectives in the Capitol to fight for our future. 


We need to put our people front-and-center in our state's decision-making. We face monumental challenges: the nation's highest cost of living, a struggling working class, a housing shortage, and an education system that needs support. We need to diversify our economy so that our workers and businesses are not hung out to dry when the tourists stop coming. We need to invest in our education system so that we can fill high-paying jobs with our own students. We need to raise wages, stop taxing groceries, and lower the costs of housing, medicine, healthcare, and energy. As we recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, we need legislators who will stand up for us.

Thank you for considering me as you cast your vote this fall. I am motivated to deliver results for our community. We deserve a seat at the table. The amount of money budgeted to our district's schools, roads, and infrastructure depends on our representative's ability to build allies and work with others, including other Democratic elected officials. My experience in the Capitol and my willingness to learn from you will enable me to get the job done and serve you effectively. I will also be accessible and transparent with you. I have learned so much from community members throughout this campaign, and I will carry that mindset into my leadership. I humbly ask you for your vote in the general election.

Michael and his wife, Lori

Sign-waving in Mililani



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